Thursday, March 23, 2023

Oh my nose : Part 2

( Mom takes a photo like this one every single day to see make sure my nose is not blocking )
( taken on 23-03-2023)

Sorry for the delay update and we are not yet get back for you guys. Mom didn't sleep well for several days, due to my sickness , stress and she still have to go to work.

When I couldn't breath during a night, I woke mom to help me clear my nose even I hate it. ( wiping with warm water, taking some sticky stuffs out of my nose ) so she was drained too.

Updated March 21, 2023

My mucus sample shows I have some common bacterias.

My Blood test Results :
- My red & white cell count is normal
- My lung, liver, kidney are absolutely fine
* Only concerned from my blood results is Dehydration

A doctor couldn't tell us a cause of my bleeding nose and chronic cold from all tests and X-ray. She recommended to put camera to see inside my nasal. As many human knew it means I have to get anesthesia.

This is really scary procedures for mom. It means a risk of death of me. I am almost 15. I am so sick my nose is full of mucus. Mom is seriously not sure.... Me, Puddy boy is going to wake up after done that. ( Some doctors accepted to mom it's a risk, but they recommended to do it anyway )

To give an accurate information by Endoscopy,
 it could be the end of me .. 

Mom told a doctor she couldn't jump to a conclusion to go for it right away. She needs time to make this huge decision. Well, It's my life ... her precious furry son. 

Mom asks herself. Do she really want to take a risk to go for a procedure that not cure but giving an accurate informations to a doctor. So a doctor can make up her next move how to cure me. Do it really worth it ? ..To risk Puddy's life ? ...One human fear can cause a dead ?... Is it really necessary?


After we got home, I was so hungry ! I ate a lots, drank a lot ( because we spent time more than 4 hours in hospital + traveling times. It's quite obvious why I was dehydrated ) Mom put me to bed. Then she rang her friends for an opinion.

Mom's friend is 61 she has cats since she was a girl, she is growing up with cats, and she have 13 cats. All of them have a long good life (17 +) One of her cat right now is 21 years old. She love cats all of her life.

After mom's friend listened all, she confess to mom she used to make a huge mistake with one of her cat. A cat was 17 years old he starts to slow down. She worried about his health so she sent him to see a VET. To make sure nothing go wrong and wants her cat stays healthy.

A doctor starts all procedure of checking to find all informations they need to know. Her cat was panic and extremely shocked by procedures. Mom's friend lose her cat right away on that day after sending him to do ultrasound.

She told my mom she deeply regrets for her own decision...

Since then mom's friend told herself ' never ever fear a future that not yet come. And never make a decision like that ever again. ' Her decision on that day is still haunting. 

She told my mom " My lesson... If my cat is going to die , it should be at home. Not a stressful hospital's procedure I put him through. When my cats are old, he/she should be home where they feel safe and comfortable "

Those words hit my mom so hard so mom makes decision she will not take any tiny risk to lose me. Even it is a chance to know what is really happens to my body. Why is cause me chronic cold.

( Mom brought up a pot of bamboo for me to nip.
I don't go out anymore. I turn myself to be indoor kitty since March 19, 2023 )

My mom will find a natural way to ease my symptom. She will not worrying so much about future that not yet there. We are going to stay a moment. And make the best out of it.

Wish me luck

Puddy Boy 💖


Zoolatry said...

We thinks Mom knows (nose) best ... or maybe just wait a bit and see? Purrs
for you, paws together, too.
Hugs, Miss June and Mine Mommy

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

I agree, your mum's friend gave very good advice. Why put you through a procedure that may or may not show anything, but will stress you both out.

John Bellen said...

Mr Puddy, it occurred to me that your situation is very much like my boy Renn’s. He has amore or less chronic cold that sometimes worsens. Right now, he’s doing fine. He sneezes now and then, and I can tell he has mucous in his nose, but he eats and drinks (a lot; he has kidney issues).

Some time ago, he sneezed so often and his nose was clogged enough that it bled. it was quite startling. I had the doctor look him over and the results were similar to yours: everything was normal (except Renn’s kidneys, of course). He was dehydrated a little but not much. He was given some anti-biotic but that made him sick in another way, so I discontinued that.

I believe that Renn’s condition will always be with him. For the most part, he can live with it. I can too, except when he sneezes in my face… But, to be serious, I don’t feel that there is anything I can or should do with him. As I wrote above, it is usually just an annoyance. He eats well, he sleeps well, he purrs a great deal. Sometimes, it flares up into something worse. The bloody nose I think came from either dryness or the opposite: too much mucous and sneezing. Either way, I don’t feel that it’s a condition that can be cured with anything that wouldn’t hurt the old guy worse. He is sixteen, a little older than you. If this kills him - which I do not believe will happen - then it is better that he not have the added suffering of medical procedures. It is one of the many inconveniences of growing old.

Your condition may be different, but it seems similar. I thought I’d pass on Renn’s experiences for what they are worth.

My Mind's Eye said...

Mr. Puddy and family I am very sorry to hear that you are feeling bad and having to make so many trips in the PTU to the vet.
Healing hugs
Cecilia aka Mom to Angel Madi

Brian's Home Blog said...

We are all purring for you Mr. Puddy and we think your decision is a wise one. When I had a biopsy to determine if I had cancer (I did not, it was Inflammatory Bowel Disease) I stopped breathing. Fortunately the Vet was able to bring me back. The Dad won't put me through that ever again. I think your Mom has made a very wise decision for you. I don't know if they have such things where you live, but you could try some infant saline nose drops. It's not fun but it might help dry up some goop from your nose. Love you Mr. Puddy.

The Florida Furkids said...

We will continue our purrs and prayers for you. Mom decided not to do a biopsy for Raz to determine if he has cancer or IBD (like Brian) since I am almost 11 and being put under scares her. We hope your Mom can find a good natural way to help you feel better.

Anonymous said...

just make sure he is eating, drinking, pooping and peeing and sleeping

catladymac said...

Oh Puddy - we can understand how your Mama feels - our cats are allolder too. We think she knows what is best for you. Maybe you have developed ab allergy. In winter (is it winter where you live?) your nose dries out and that can cause nosebleeds. One of our kitties had a chronic runny nose for years. (She is OTRB now but that wasn't why.) Purrs and purrayers and lots of Power of the Paw !

Fireblossom said...

Sending lub from Unfried Steaks of America lub u Puddy <3


Puddy Boy we are all purring for you and your Mom to find homeopathic way to make you feel all better.

Eastside Cats said...

We are madly purring for you, Puddy!

BeadedTail said...

We're sending purrs and crossed paws for you to feel better soon, Puddy! Our mommy agrees with your mom's decision. That's how she felt about Angel and she knows it was the right thing to do.

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Those are very, very wise words. I actually needed to hear them right now too. Sending lots of purrs and prayers, Puddy!

Poppy Q said...

Big pats anf hugs for you my friend. Julie and poppyq xxx

meowmeowmans said...

Oh, Puddy. We are purring that you and Mom can figure out what's going on with your nose, and get it fixed. Is there a chance that you have sinusitus? Our angel Moosey had that, and we used to give him one drop of Flonase (Fluticasone) in each nostril 1x/day. It really helped him a lot. XO

wildcatwoods said...

I think your mom is doing the best thing for you. I never put any of my older cats thru anesthesia for tests. Too risky. We all will send healing purrs and light to you.

pilch92 said...

I agree that you should not have that procedure. I would like to know if the vet gave you subq fluids for dehydration. That only takes a few minutes and should always be done with dehydration. Also, did you get an antibiotic that will work on the bacteria you tested for? You are in my prayers sweet Mr. Puddy.
Also, could she go to a vet in the USA online? I think they would offer better advice. XO

Mark's Mews (Marley, Lori, Loki, and Binq) said...

POTP to you. TBT says he remembers a sucky thing for human baby nosies. Could it work for cats?

Becca said...

Hugs and kisses for Puddy and mom 💞💞💞

Just Ducky said...

Oh Puddy, be well. Last fall I had such a snotty nose and mum took me in. Mr Vet Man suck the gunk out of my nose and such, then drugs to kill icky bugs. Since then I am so much better. I too am 15 years old and I am doing very well since then.

Katie Isabella said...

Puddy, I am hoping and purring for you to feel better! We are the same age...I want a chance to propose kitty marriage to you again- so get better! XXXXX Seriously too, I agree with your mamma. YOu should not be subjected if it is possible not to, to scary medical tests that won't necessarily help you Only possibly provide information. LOve you Puddy. PLEASE be better.

Peachy, Stippie, Angel Binky and Granny said...

Healing Pawkisses and Purrayers are on the way to feel good, with the best of quality time, sweet Puddy🙏 We only use Homeopathy and Natural Healing for ourselves and for our animals, since 35 years, and never want anything else anymore😺Stay well!🐾😽💞

Crafting Queen said...

Sweet boy. Hope your Mummy can find a natural solution for you. Sending lots of purrs and prayers. Patch, Flower and Archer. x

da tabbies o trout towne said...

puddy, your vets are trying to help, but your mom knows YOU best. the fact
your blood results showed good, we agree with mom, no more vets. tell her to
research Lysine, it’s great for colds, congestion in the nasal. also a humidifier
might help. we are happy your mom is researching natural methods and hope
she can find a holistic approach. more st francis blessings to you and we
hope you and mom have a stress free weekend ❤️

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Puddy, please tell your Mom that when Cody passed at age 13 (he was only 13 for a couple of months) was because of a messed up biopsy (operation), to see if he had inflammatory bowel disease or lymphoma. They sent him home with no cone. He opened his stitches and bled to death. Mom is haunted by this EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yes, it was a one in a million chance that this could happen.....but it happened. I promised my boy he would be ok. 5 days after his surgery he bled to death. My sweet, trusting, loving boy. I am haunted by this every day of my life. I will never get over it and I blame myself every day. Mom has to do what her intuition tells her to do and what she feels is best for YOU. ((((hugs))) and much love.

Dash Kitten Crew said...

Mr Puddy I know things must be super stressful for you and your mum. Hold on there and I hope you recover your health soon.

The Cat Guy said...


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