Over 250,000 unwanted pets are killed in pounds and shelters in Australia every year, just because they can't find homes.

These are innocent animals, whose original human companions did not take responsibility for them.

Instead of buying a cat or kitten from a breeder or from a pet store, please consider rescuing a cat from a shelter.

Reasons to Choose a Rescue Dog or Cat

1. You're not starting from scratch with an older pet 

2. The bond is strong 
3. Fewer vet fees - Rescue pets have had physical examinations, have been desexed and are up to date on shots. When you buy a puppy or kitten, you pay for the pet AND for the vaccinations, desexing and other medical expenses.

4. What you see is what you get - When you buy a baby pet, you can never really be sure what type of adult you're going to get. A cat's personality has already been developed by the time it's one year old. A lap cat will continue to be a lap cat and it is easy to determine if the new cat will work out in a multi-cat household. With an adult cat, you definitely know what you're getting.

5. Adult pets are generally better for families - Adult pets generally are better with kids. Pups and kittens can play rough and cause harm to children by biting, nipping or scratching. When excited, large breed pups can knock children over accidentally. Children sometimes handle animals too roughly and can cause harm.

Adult pets are more mellow and more able to get themselves out of harms way and because of this are often more patient with children.

6. It teaches your kids good values - Face it - we live in an extremely materialistic society, in which TV teaches kids that everything can be bought, that they should get their parents to buy them everything, and that anything worth having costs a lot of money. Adopting a rescue pet for your family presents a wonderful opportunity to teach your children basic values of compassion and caring, and also about the value of second chances.

How you can be sure the rescued pet will made you a good home ?  The first person who can tell you... It's me ! even my cat didn't come from the shelter but he was rescued cat from the street. And he made a great home for me and my family. So many of my friends around the world are ready to share you a wonderful stories about them. Their love, Their bond. Read their story.Please see below

We Support Rescued Breed

Me recommends that cats be desexed if they are not intended for breeding. Read more, Please see this link :


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