Saturday, June 3, 2023

Pawpaws supremacy'


Once you are really ... really sick,
You should know you become...
Da most powerful kitty in mommy's world !

Let's me tell you about... 
the state of having the ultimate authority

All of a sudden you take a full control of your food !
All you can eat... Any treats you like...
You can make your demand any times.. 
2 am., 3 am.. . 4 am. ..whenever ! Your human will get up and do it.
Never say ' No ',  but beg you !

* Lift my blocking nose and say..

'Yep, I have reached pawpaws supremacy'

🐾🐾  🐾🐾 

Note from mom :

Puddy is unstable. A couple day is good, and then he is down again. All I can do is to deal with him in the present moment. I am trying my best to ease him. His nose is bleeding in some days. Other days is just normal snots. The worst version is thick & sticky. It makes him hard to breath. His pill can dilute the sticky but the side effect is bad ( Unable to eat, drink less, no poo, and fatigue ) I only can use 3 days Max.

I admire the way he fights. Puddy is always struggling with breathing through his sticky nose. He has a hard time swallowing may choke on his food or liquid when trying to swallow. But he loves his life, and he does his best to live with his own struggles... his new normal. He only asks me for help when he really can't manage to do by himself.

Puddy and I speak in different languages. Thanks for his purring to lead me what I can treat him better, to ease his difficulty.

As always... Thanks to you all for your kindness & supported

Lots of love
Puddy & Mom

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