Monday, September 7, 2020

Blackie & A Cool Lady

Blackie, he is a stray cat. He has been fed by my mom for 5 years now. These couple weeks he has been attacked by another stray cat. Causing him to suffer abscess. One cool human lady ( our human neighbor ) noticed his cheek was swelling. She tried to cure him. So they both ( The cool lady & mom ) got into the mission : Cleaned up his wound, drugged and fed him. Now his wound healed purrfect. So today, The cool lady & mom planned to give him basic vaccination. First step, mom has to trap him and then the cool lady will be the person to give him a jab.
While we are waiting for the cool lady to come, Me is in charge to talk to him as a VERY GOOD HOST

Time fly...
and my words are MAGIC !


Me & mom just met the cool lady, her name is " Katty " She is our human neighbor who loves loves cats so much. She has 8 cats. She is very kind. She often spends her times & money to look after the stray cats. She feed them, She cured them when they are sick, Trap-neuter-return, and even find them home. It's so good to meet a rare pawson with a true heart of gold.  She is super cool. Kudos to her.

PS : Katty's real job is a pilot who does Air Transport of Organs for Transplant. 

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