Friday, March 3, 2017

Fashion for... (Bald)

Today's Special, Me do fashion for... 


* Whisper * ... for bald

What happened ?

Daddy applied the flea treatment ( Revolution ) a bit too low this time ( 01-03-17). Late yesterday, I got a bald spot. Mom wiped it with water. This morning I started to get a few rash, so mom wiped with cold water again, then she applied my bold spot with Papaw Ointment to reduce to relieve skin rash. After that, she put scarf on me to protect me scratched it and we got lots of mosquitos here.

This fashion doesn't bother me.
* Whisper * Me think I can manage later ..tee..heh


Kitties, Do you have any experience with bald spot ? Please share! Any tips for me to grow my fur back fast. I really don't want to be bald forever.

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