Monday, July 17, 2017

Movie time ?

Mom loves to put pillow on her lap when she is watching the movie.

* Mom does giggle when she sees me tried to squeeze myself under the pillow *

" Puddy, you are so cute but you are too big for this !"  Mom still giggles

then she gets back to her movie, Me change to Plan 2

Mom smiles " you are sooo cute, Puddy!  Love you too ", then she still doesn't move...

As you can see.. I did try my best to be a gentle mancat. Obviously, it doesn't work ! She didn't get it !

O.K. , Let's get to the point !

* I quickly gave digits on her leg and run,
Mom yells " PUDDY ! " and follows me to my food bowl *

* Me smile * It's work ! .. tee...heh


PS : It's no blood on her leg
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