Thursday, May 4, 2017

Everyone to wash

it's been very hot lately in Bangkok ( 38°C / 100.4 °F + Humid ) including today

so mom washed everyone including.... Meeeeee !

Me swear I didn't ask for this !
* my mom still does giggle*

" Laugh last, Laugh best, mom! " Me says

Friends, guess what ?
after I dried, I did shed.. the whole floor !
which my mom just did vacuum & mop this morning... Ha..Hah

PAY BACK !!!! 

Then she brushed me, and she made a ball from my fur.
... then we play =^x^=

I hope you all have a great day!



Rest in peace dear Flynn. He is one of my good good friends since I first have my blog.
Now Flynn joins his brother, Eric. It's very sad sad news for me and all of us.
Soft purrs & hug to his family.
Lots of love
Puddy & mom

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